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Plan For Tank Dumps

Know if your RV spot has full hookups or if you have to fill fresh water and empty your holding tanks at a remote station.

Be sure to have necessary equipment for dumping your waste tanks and for the love of all mankind … don’t forget the dump gloves!

This is one of the “most appreciated” tips for new RV owners … but … if you happen to forget the gloves … gallon size freezer bags make less-than-desirable substitutes.

Basic RV tools:

1. Disposable Dump Gloves are great because touching dump fixtures with your bare hands is just not cool! One-time use gloves that come in mountable dispensers are our favorites.

2. Sewer Hose Supports are great to keep sewer hoses in place especially when you have to maneuver around obstacles.

3. Sewer Hose Extensions come in handy when your normal hose won’t reach the sewer outlet from where you are parked.


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