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Know your measurements

Know how HEIGHT There may be bridges etc. that are too short for you…I’m looking at you East Coast! Until you have that number engrained in your memory bank it’s not a bad idea to post it in your cab somewhere

Know your LENGTH The sticker next to the door of your RV only tells you the length of your rig. It is not a true measurement because it doesn’t consider anything added to the back (bikes) the front (tongue and hitch) or if you are in a 5er or TT your Truck. You will need to know this overall length.

Know the DISTANCE between your tires. You will want to know and keep an eye on the distance between your tires. In other words…your axils. If the space is getting bigger or smaller you may have a bigger issue that needs to be addressed immediately. The distance is often not exact because of the flex in the leaf springs, but if you have a big problem, you’ll notice. If the distance isn’t the same, it mean you have a broken center pin or a bent axle. You could be one massive bump or pot hole away from a real problem, so it’s good to keep an eye on this.


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