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10 Unwritten Rules For Camping RV Tips and Campsite ...

1. Don't park next to another camper if there are other open spots in the campground. 2. Don't leave your porch and outside awning lights on all night long! 3. Don't smoke cigars if there are other campers within 100 feet of you. 4. Don't arrive and set up in a campground after 10 PM. 5. Don’t drive in the left lane unless you are actively passing other vehicles 6. When driving into a parking lot, always choose to park in the back rows. 7. Don’t play music or watch TV outside unless the volume is really low so it doesn’t disturb other campers. 8. If your RV breaks down, don’t expect immediate service from and RV Dealer… MOBILE RV REPAIR Techs are more responsive and usually can fix most things 9. If it is really, really hot, your RV’s air condition is not going to be able to cool it down much below 80 10. It’s going to get harder to find camping spots in traditional campgrounds. To consistently find an overnight spot, you will have to learn how to boondock.

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